Products - On Grid / Grid tied Solar Rooftop

On Grid / Grid tied Solar Rooftop

In a grid tie system there are no batteries and all the solar energy generated is fed to the loads directly. The solar PV system is synchronized with the grid to maximise the use of renewable energy while catering to the connected load in the facility. In the event of a drop in production of solar energy the loads automatically source the remaining energy required, from the Utility/ DG supply without any interruption. In the event of a power failure the solar PV system will continue to work in sync with the DG thus providing uninterrupted power supply to the load connected. A grid tie system does not provide backup power during a power outage but reduces the EB and DG consumption by maximising the use of solar energy.

A grid connected/ grid tie system works very well when the majority of the operation for a given facility is during the day and the facility is energy intensive with backup available for pow outages.